Questions & Answers

Operating Manual
How long should I let the Drylencer run?

Drylencer is designed for hours of continuous use. 

The necessary minimum runtime for drying depends on the inner design of your silencer and the amount of water inside. That´s why it is impossible to give detailed advice.

Let it run over night, the powerbank that comes with it will then have run empty and the fan will have been switched off. The usual hunting silencers shall be dry inside by now.

At the first try, you could open your silencer and check the inside for humidity to be sure if that runtime was sufficient.


From what material is the Drylencer made of?

The Drylencer is made of solid aluminum, black anodized with rubber feet.

What is the scope of delivery?

Drylencer with 1,5m USB-cable, USB-Powerbank, Manual.

How heavy is it, what dimensions?

approx. 450g weight, outer diameter 69mm plus cable

Hight 40mm incl. rubber feet