A dryer device for gun silencers

The Drylencer uses only ambient air, no heating elements involved!

Drylencer is a dehumidifier device for gun silencers. It enables you to dry your silencer while keeping it safely locked away. It can also be used for cooling hot silencers.

After a hunt in cold weather the silencer of your rifle will be cold. Entering your home with warm air containing more humidity, immediately water will start condensing inside and outside your silencer. Inside, the water will form a corrosive liquid together with the powder residues which will trickle down your gun barrel and cause severe rust damage.

Manufacturers of silencers therefor demand to dismount them from rifles and let them dry standing erect on a heating radiator.
But exactly that is mostly not possible and in many countries not legal!


Suits any diameter

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USB connector for Powerbank batteries or USB charger

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How to use the Drylencer

All that can be solved with the Drylencer in an easy way:

Drylencer only uses ambient air without a heating device.

Your silencer can dry in a safe, locked area.

Powered by USB - Powerbanks or USB chargers from your cellphone etc.

Can also be used for cooling hot silencers

The Drylencer has an outer diameter of 69mm, air outlet diameter of 15mm, therefore suitable for dehumidifying of silencers of all common diameters.

If a magnum silencer should be wider than 70mm then just let him protrude over the rim of the Drylencer. As long as he isn´t that heavy to crumble the rubber feet, it will be fine.